A Message to the Young Lady

Your True Worth

Girls, Little Ladies
Princesses and Super Stars
Look deep inside yourself
And see who you truly are
You have been created
Different from all other beings
To have the gift of life, live and compassion
Do you know what that really means?
From your toes to your head
You were created
Each part and piece with care
Never underestimate it
Your feet
A firm foundation
To carry you
From citites to nations
To run and jump
To skip and play
And help others
In the most gracious way
Your legs strong and soft in one
To lead you down a path you’ve already begun
They will march mile after mile
And move to dances that always bring smiles
In your heart you hold happiness
Love and joy
And when you open it up
The whole world will enjoy
Your back will experience
Many ordeals
But it will always stay strong
If you remain and keep it real
When you make up your mind
You stick to it
And never compromise your integrity
For someone else
Ot you’ll lose it
In your arms and hands
Lies so much care
To give to your family, friends
And with whomever you share
Whether it be inhand games or plays
Or cooking up good gravy and marmalades
You can soothe the cries of a baby
With a gentle touch
And one tear from your eyes
Can reveal so much
From joy and pain
Sorrow or strain
To love and hope
Pride or a joke
For you truly are phenomenal
In each and every way
Just remember your worth
And promise to stay
Humble and sweet
And your traits no one can beat
So choose your path
Enjoy bubble baths
Your power is within
And shall forever last

23 thoughts on “A Message to the Young Lady

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  2. Yes! Girl Power! I love everything about your message here. All young girls should start hearing this message over and over again so they never forget.

    Wonderfully positive and affirming, Marlee.

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  4. TRUTH! Never compromise your integrity! that’s the most priceless advice our younger generations could ever be given and we can only pray they understand what that means and take it to heart! 1 mind! I love u!

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  6. What wonderful advice! I wish that all young women could read this and realize their worth without all the indoctrination and pressures that society places upon them. This was a great write!

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