I am a TRUE Aquarius, in all aspects of the sign.

This is a portion of a piece that I did with my BFF Ms. Peaches of

The Age of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius
All that the water represents
Spread wisdom
It’s the age of Aquarius
A new time so be cautious
You gotta watch yourself while you walking on this
Land of the spiritually blind
I don;t mean for you to confine
Yourself or anyone else
It’s time that we search for help
Cuz it;s damn shame
We ain’t made some change
We need to rearrange the mind frame
Because with new thoughts I’m a set you a flame
Cuz it’s time to spark
I mean light it up
It’s time to spark on some spiritual stuff
So spread truth and spread wisdom
Before you try to get up into the kingdom
Open your heart and be a darer
Spill it out like the water bearer

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