Expecting 2006

Hey Little One

Hey you
Down there, growing inside of me
Can this really be true?
A mix of me and my Boo
Starting to form and become a true being
Can I believe you are there without seeing?
Without hearing or feeling
Are you turning my world upside down?
Will my mind fill with doubts?
Or hope and joy?
Cuz right now I’m scared and happy
Praying that your hair’s not too nappy
Praying that you are healthy and strong
Hoping I didn’t hurt you with them hits from the bong
I wonder how long you’ve been growing inside of me
Where you there at my 24th birthday party?
Where you there when your daddy and I fought?
Throwing around words with no second thought?
Where you there when I found out about Jenny dying?
Did you feel my grief and hear me crying?
I swear now that I know you exist I will be healthy and good, I promise you this
I will follow all advice
And quit indulging in every vice
Take every vitamin
And treat you with love and excitement
Because you are my child to be
And I must give you a chance to live and breathe
And start you on your path just right
So you will be strong enough to fight
Against all the injustices of this awful world
I sort of wish you’re a boy, cuz it’s hard for a girl
But as a young black man it will be hard for you too
Knowing all the racist stereotypes you’ll go through
Knowing you will be feared and loved
Chased down by white girls who want a hug
Or more than that
Then charge you with cases that are whack
So either way girl or boy
My heart is filled with joy

2 thoughts on “Expecting 2006

  1. Choose life. A gift Divine, the fruit on and from the vine, to nurture, to shelter, to mold, to hold. The work to inspire begins with desire. To bring forth a life, protect from strife, teach to fight, guide to the right and allow them flight.

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