I wanna cry sometimes
Tears just wanna flow from my eyes
I am doing pretty good at holding them back
But I slways face the fact
I just wanna cry sometimes
The reasons for the tears
Is not always clear
It may be because of fear
Or because I have no one near
Either way
I have to say
I wanna cry sometimes
When I feel like this
I think of those I missed
Those I dissed
And those I’ve kissed
But mostly I wish
for one particular dish
The one I order and always miss
The only answer to my sih
And I just wanna cry sometimes
The feeling comes and goes
From the top of my head to the tip of my toes
I hold it back so no one knows
But anyway it goes
I wanna cry sometimes
I used to keep it all inside
But then I found a new friend
Who is steady until the end
And this is my ballpoint pen
So I write it out
During my times of drought
Wheter I cry or pout
When I write it out
I don’t wanna cry anymore

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