Surveying my Nutrition

Occasionally I have to ask myself the following questions to see where I am in terms of my nutrition. At certain points of my life my answers assure me that I am on the right track, and sometimes my answers help me get back on track. But regardless of my varying diet I know I am getting whole food nutrition each day from Juice Plus+
Ask yourself these questions and see if you can say the same
-Are you interested in making healthy improvements for yourself or your family?
-Have you heard we should be eating 9-13 servings of fruits and vegetables?
-What do you do to get enough fruits and vegetables?
I don’t do enough. I aspire to have a smoothie every morning with at least 3 fruits, a salad each day, a veggie with every meal and eat fruit for snacks. But in reality I don’t stick to my plan. Mornings get rushed and smoothies don’t get made. Salads are time consuming and more often than not my fresh produce goes bad. Wasting my money.
-Is good nutrition a priority to you and your family?
More than anything. Studies are finding that the lack of good nutrition is the root of several developmental and health issues.
-What challenges do you face in eating healthy and getting your family to eat healthy?
Right now money is an issue, not having the budget to buy all fresh fruits and veggies multiple times a week. If i buy too much it goes bad (waste) if I buy to little I find my self stretching it and not getting enough daily. Plus I am not getting the variety that I know I need.
-How would you describe your normal diet?
Breakfast- grain, protein, fruit
Lunch- grain, protein, fruit and veggie
Dinner-grain, protein, veggie
Snack- salts and sweets and goodies
-What are you doing on a daily basis to get the nutrition you need?
I take supplements to ensure my nutritional needs are meet.

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