My Roots

I refer to myself as born in sound. Meaning I am music incarnate. My unique upbringing afforded my the opportunity to understand the complexity of sound, specifically the sound of music. I have a connection to melody, harmony, and rhythm that transcends beyond the rock and bop to the healing of the soul. One poem from my past offers the best explanation of this sound birth.

Born in Sound
That’s where I’m found
If you come looking for me
I can guarantee
I’ll be up in a tree
With a cup a tee
Singing a sweet melody
And it won’t be
Just some hip-hop or rap slang
It’ll be the sound of John Coltrane
Putting all the rest to shame
Uplifting His name
And putting you up on game
Now y’all know what I’m saying
Whose name just keeps on playing and playing
Never leaving you hanging
Cuz I’m born in sound
That’s where I’m found
With the disc spinning round and round

Now y’all may not see where I’m coming from
You may not realize this Ascension, Transition
This Godly recognition
Cuz Coltrane’s not one of those lames
He’s not the same
And when you realize this
Whew. . . You’ll see what you missed
Cuz while you was running around playing that radio
It was making you slow
Leading you to a place of . . . well you know
It wasn’t taking you from One Down To One Up
With Giant Steps into Living Space
You was too busy listening to Mase
P’Diddy and the whole Bad Boy claim
When you should of hopped on the Blue Train
Or in the Summertime listening to Autumn Serenade
Cuz with Dahomey Dance in Central Park West
I felt My Shining Hour
Filling me with that musical power
Cuz I’m born in sound
That’s where I’m found
With Coltrane lifting me up from the ground

Now maybe I’m Old Fashion
Or I thought of this in a Moments Notice
But let me tell you I know this
If you look inside your Body And Soul
You will see that You Are Too Beautiful
Because even with Lonnie Lament in Blue’s Minor
The Damned Don’t Cry
Not from One of the Night’s a Thousand Eyes
So when you feel like the Blues To You
Hop on that Satellite or 26-2
Because it’s all Dedicated To You
Whether you’re in Dear Old Stockholm, Alabama, India, or Liberia
Just say Dear Lord let me reach an Affirmation
Steadily in Prayer And Meditation
Cuz I’m born in sound
That’s where I’m found
With the disc spinning round and round

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