To know the progress of my journey you must see where I have come from. Choosing a starting point is hard, only because I have started this journey many times before. Every start is actually a stop on the trek to the summit. So we might as well jump off right here and begin.

Written on July 26, 2010 this piece sums up my most recent restart

Been so long

Been so long since I’ve written I barely know where to start
I guess I can just begin with pouring out my heart
Cuz it’s full of emotions and feelings and prayers
But most of all is full of the spirit because I know God resides there
I been slacking and faking and wondering why
And talking and walking and holding back my cry
But my heart don’t lie
No matter how much my mouth does
My heart knows the reason and the source of my demise
So now I rise
From the depths of depression and regression
Beyond the pain and the worry and the fear
Cuz I can hear the call of my soul
Begging and pleading to be made whole
Full and complete standing above the weak-ness
Of my material self
Trekking through the unknown praying for my health
And at the bottom of this pit that I have been lying in
I look up and see the light shining in
It’s amazing how great God’s timing is
Cuz just when I felt that I was overwhelmed once again
Here come God swooping in
Sending angels with words of wisdom
Speaking the desires of my heart
Encouraging me to take a step and start
Cuz my future is in my hands
So I need to make a plan
Or more so a leap of faith
Cuz all the signs are setting the pace
Telling me to separate from this rat race
Like Neo I’m headed to the source
Talking to the architect, God almighty of course
And since I’ll keep making the same choice
Until I understand my inner voice
I decided today to be outspoken
Not an assimilated token
But a rebel revolutionary not afraid to be contrary
Standing firm in my faith and beliefs
Emanating perfection, love, and peace


2 thoughts on “Sankofa

  1. ironically this piece similarly relates to a piece (in greater depth) that someone else posted for week 30…I know u shared this with me before but I’m glad to read it again!

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