Since the Womb

When people find out that I am a vegetarian I usually get the same question.

“How long have you been a vegetarian?”

I take pride in answering “Since the womb.” I mean really, how many things can you say that about.

“I’ve been singing since the womb” woomp! Not true.

“I’ve been sucking my thumb since the womb” woomp! May be true but you get a woomp for that anyway, LOL. Time to grow up if you still sucking your thumb. Really, tho. I’ve digressed.

My POINT is I taken pride in being vegetarian my entire life. I have to thank my mother for that. My entire family was vegetarian for about ten years; I was born right in the middle of it. I was given the choice to have meat one day. I vividly remember seeing chicken brought home. Sitting on the counter, in a Styrofoam tray filled with blood, there were pale bumpy cold pieces of flesh. WTF? was happening in my home. I could hardly believe it! Dead chicken on the counter and everybody’s excited?

“Marlee-I, we having BBQ chicken tonight!”

Now I knew I had heard of chicken and probably even seen people eating it. I wasn’t completely unaware of chicken. But I just knew I wasn’t eating any. Yet here on the counter are the beginnings of BBQ chicken, looking like bumpy bloody chicken body parts! I’ll pass! And I did.

BBQ tofu for me!

I still enjoy some BBQ tofu on Thanksgiving, every year. But as I grew up vegetarian in a meat eating family I became a meat substitute vegetarian. And this too had its consequences. I am now discovering that my over reliance of meat substitutes imbalanced my nutrients and did not nourishing my well-being. Starting a fresh on my journey to the summit I have to reassess my eating habits and provide my body with the original food from the garden. When we were all in tune with God’s plan for us. Those that come from our Mother Earth, fresh and natural, pesticide free fruits and vegetables. I need to focus on getting all my vital system empowering nutrients for fruits and vegetables. Then add in the whole grains and proper carbohydrates. I feel it’s all about getting back to our roots in all aspects of life, but especially in terms of nutrition.

Early man was not eating processed food from packages. They ate what was growing around them, seasonal natural food. The grains that they ate had to be planted, grown and milled down before they became bread. In other words the amount of energy used to make the food balanced out with the amount of energy the food provided the body. But today we live in a society of abundance. We can exert little to no energy and consume a limitless amount of calories, fat, and carbohydrates. We can have any produce any time of year. And while we enjoy the convenience of these things, the quality of our goods has diminished. And thus the quality of our health continues to decline.

So even though I feel as if my mother and family gave me a big head start on my journey to health, I am still playing the catch up game. I cannot afford to buy locally grown, organic, fruits and vegetables, especially not in the quantities or varieties that are required for health.  And please don’t tell me the quick fix is smoothies. Them green smoothies are NASTY and time consuming and expensive. I mean I can handle those maybe twice a week, but not daily. It’s just not possible. I have too many duties in life to sustain this type of lifestyle.  Four years ago I found a product that eases my mind and supports my body: Juice Plus+

Four years ago I started taking Juice Plus. Juice Plus has changed my life. It has changed my focus to my nutrition and has made health the center of my conversations. I am an advocate for prevention and a living example of the phenomenal change that adding Juice Plus to your diet can make. I hardly ever catch a cold, I have more energy and above all else I am more aware. Taking Juice Plus daily cost me less that $1.50 a day. I take Juice Plus now and I will take Juice Plus until I die!

To learn more about Juice Plus+ go to and watch the video

Make the change for you health today!

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