Fire and Air

This entry was inspired by Poetry Potluck Mondays ( ). Thanks for the invite. Seeing as their subject matter this week is Natures Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water I found it a great opportunity to finally write a poem about the astrological signs in my family. I am an Aquarius, my husband a Aries, my eldest as Sagittarius, my youngest an Aquarius. So we are to fire signs and 2 air signs. Hence the name of the poem.


2 Fire 2 Air
Living loving and being
Giving life so much meaning
How marvelous coming from just two
Now seeing all that life can do
The joining of Fire and Air
So rare
So striking, so true
United and joined forever
The Ram the Water Bearer
Giving life to the centaur
A spirit that has journeyed from afar
Her light shines so bright
So true to it’s self
That she looks inside to find all her wealth
Her head held high
Her eyes on the prize
Her mind always listening
Calculating and inventing
So impressionable
Yet so complete
Leaving her to be absolutely unique
But in need of a companion
A friend
A comrade
The Ram and the Water Bearer join forces again
This time not in sin
But in holy matrimony
Proving to be real not phony
An everlasting bond
For both the young to lean upon
This second light
Shone from above
Arrived in such a different form and fashion
Calm, content and also complete
Her own type of unique
Opening the flood gates
Pouring water equal to a flood
Washing us pure
Filling us with love
2 Fire
2 Air
Formed from the divine with care
Fire increased when the Air blows
Air uplifted when the fire blows
Funny how two so different can be so much the same
Haiku for Two
Aries and Aquarius
Plus Aquarius

13 thoughts on “Fire and Air

  1. I’m so excited that you are doing the poetry potluck – Sadly I missed it this week but I’m still excited for you and I love this piece you know I can hear you reading it and how perfectly did you describe AZAH and KIAH! I love it!

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