This poem was written when I was 9 months pregnant with my first daughter AZAH. She is almost 4 years old now, and I just wanted to post to reflect on that time. Cuz time really does fly.


Sitting here thinking about seeing your face
Imagining feeling your embrace
I just keep on waiting for this day to come
Knowing that my life has changed from now on
Knowing that I would give my life for yours
Knowing that you’ll come before all my chores
Praying that you will grow up in the right direction
Guiding you and supporting you with all my protection
Sitting here feeling every move you make
Makes my mind wander and my mind shake
Because you are so real
And every move I feel
And when you get here
I will keep you near
My little girl
My little world
Daddy’s girl
Mommy’s pearl
Sure to be the best thing I’ve ever made
My responsibility for the rest of my days
My love, my pride and my joy
Making me a mommy
I mean the real McCoy

A- I will ADORE you forever
Z- The ZENITH of my being
A- Your existence ASTONISHES me
H- Your birth brings HOPE for the future


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