From Beaches to Mountains



Within the depths of darkness a light is born
Just one of many beams from the source
Floating to the top
Landing on a rock
First time to see the light of day
A burst of sand rushing past
Returning to the vast
Blue, green, indigo
The deepest depths of which no one knows
Moving forward
Each step imprinting its presence
Making its impact
Creating its essence
Traveling steadfast with a goal unknown
For it stands so distant
So tall
So wide
So immense
An intangible journey
One that must be taken
Ascending over withered faces
To the highest peak
Rising above the level of the sea
Forever approaching the pinnacle
Yet feeling the weathering waves
Eroding away
The base of the mount
Perpetually giving birth to the journey
From mountains to beaches
And from beaches to mountains

My contribution to Jingle’s Poetry Potluck!


9 thoughts on “From Beaches to Mountains

  1. brilliant! Absolutely brilliant poem.

    its as beautiful and colourful as a rainbow in sky.

    shubho bijoyadashami (Happy vijayadashami)! May the Goddess fill your life up with beauty and happiness

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