My Personal Sunrise

My Personal Sunrise

Hot little baby sweating in her onesie
Sleeping crossways near the foot of the bed
She has maneuvered out of the swaddle
Beyond her comfy spot on my pillow
Sleep-crawling just before dawn
Little palm beating my face as she yawns
Four little teeth brightening her smile
While her eyes are my personal sunrise
And her babble my alarm
Seems as if the whole world sleeps
As we dance our dance of rocking and singing
And patting and nursing
But she fights the sleep that I force
5 minutes turns to 10
10 to 30
Sunlight peaks through the window
Just as my sunrise sets
So much work
So much love lies asleep on my chest


16 thoughts on “My Personal Sunrise

  1. That is so beautiful
    Love in you is boutiful
    This piece represents the greatness in mother
    Something beyond the feel & reach of a father
    Great are the souls born as females
    Happy that job of bearing not for males
    Males would have meshed up the feelings
    Infant and mother are God’s perfect dealings
    Sunrise could be personal, was never thought
    The description perfect, realisation brought
    Innocence of infant so secure with mother
    Overjoyed by your description of loveby her

    Happy rally and have a nice day

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  3. This is beautiful and so loving. It reminds me of when you were a babe in arms. so ready to face the world, so full of hope and love, such a hard worker trying so hard to please… the love lives on…Mom

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