I Wanna Love

I Wanna Love
My heart hurts
From chasing those whom are not worth
My time
My energy
To feel the inner me
I wanna know the true feeling
And I wanna feel the return with meaning
But my heart is frightened
From many a night when
No one held me tight
And I wake up with my pillow stripped
I fill that I may have already started to
Head down the path that leads to you
You at the end
Waiting for me
Eye to eye is where we see
And you gaze at me for eternity
But my heart is still burning cold
I have to struggle to keep a strong hold
I wanna love you with every being of my soul
I want it to be the love that will make you whole
Not that youโ€™re lacking in the least bit
But I want to be your every fulfillment
I wanna love

This poem was written June 26, 2003 when my husband and I first started dating exclusively. Funny to look back at it now and see that I got everything I wanted. This poem is being submitted to Jingle’s Monday Poetry Potluck www,jinglepoetry.blogspot.com

25 thoughts on “I Wanna Love

  1. That is beautiful…to write this for someone, to dream and wish for it, to have it come to fruition and finally to be able to see what you wrote and remember those feelings again.
    Good for You!

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  3. so you tweeted me asking do I remember u feeling this way and ABSOLUTELY I do..I’m up early today so I can finish reading poets from week 31…but I had to check out your potluck piece…now it’s time to get ready for work Love you! **oh but all I want to do is sleep**

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  5. If given the choice of: Would I rather be everything to someone or the only thing that mattered? I choose the only thing that mattered because I want the other person to look back at their life when they are old and about to pass with no regrets. I would want their achievements to be lasting and full. Also if I were to die first I would not want the one I love to collapse and die because I was gone. There would not be anything sadder than to commit everything to someone and have nothing left due to their passing. Just what came to my mind when I read this. Peace be with you.

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