Conflict (Jingle Thursday Poets Rally Week 32)



Acceptance (Haiku)

The Perfect Poet

I am so glad to show it

Let the whole world know


I humbly accept and I nominate Ms. Peaches.

Thank you Jingle!



The I and me
The I and we
We have to live
Due to your mentality
You see…
We are viewed so differently
But our similarities
Are plain to see
All made from one
All made in one
All decendents of the Holy One
But along the way
You got lead astray
And then lead others
In the same corrupt way
You wanna be my
Distracting me from my course
My objectives, My goals
You want me to believe what I’m told
Chasing after that fool’s gold
I got my hands on Behold
And I see the debt that you hold
You’re indentured and enslaved
Just like me
But you don’t see
The way that will set you free
That’s why we have CONFLICT
Conflict of interest
Conflict of demands
Conflict of values
A conflict to understand
It beats on my brain
Slowly driving me insane
What a shame
So connected to their world
This physical twirl
Hardly winning
Wishing for a new beginning
This unbalance surronds everything around
I try to ignore it
But I can damn near hear the sound
Of this system crumbling and fading
And I stand here waiting
For that day
The conflict will fade away

26 thoughts on “Conflict (Jingle Thursday Poets Rally Week 32)

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  3. I could hear these words so true it was as though they were my own. I really enjoyed the way you said this it seemed so comfortable to me. Thank you for the ride!

  4. Thanks for your feedback on my rally entry–I’m so happy you were drawn into the piece! After reading your entry, I can see why–your poem reads like it should be spoken. I hope you continue blogging as well as reading!

  5. Love this! I can hear your voice like u were reading it to me! and clearly I feel the emotion behind the conflict…this makes my mind twirl to all the conflicts we’ve both come across and how much we’ve both grown from the same atrocities. Praise him! and thanks for the nomination I am HONORED!

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  7. Always there is conflict and we have to make choices. Opposite force distracting you from your course. You understand human nature and put it into words. Well written. Thank you.

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