Prayer & Meditation 4am

Prayer and Meditation 4AM

A practice that I have known of

Since the time that I was sent from above

The hour capable of sending great power

To your mind body and spirit

Close your eyes and see if you can hear it

Centering your being and focusing your mind

Linking you to the universal energy from the creation of time

Funny how in the dark you can see so clearly

Focusing on the now and not the merely

Day to day, hustle and bustle

Just trying to stay out of trouble

But a true sense of peace

Gorging on silence like a feast

Breathing in tune to your heart beat

Relaxing muscles from head to feet

Feeling the essence of the Divine

4AM my new prime time



14 thoughts on “Prayer & Meditation 4am

  1. “my new prime time’ I love it!!! We’re awake at the same time!!!! 4 for you 7 for me! I love that you’re practicing ways to give you peace!!! 1 mind

  2. What a powerful practice! Returning to that which you know. WELCOME …” an awareness you have earned through struggle… a welcome feeling of peace”

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