Sometimes (Jingle’s Poetry Potluck)

This week’s poetry potluck theme is “moods, feelings and emotions” When I read that I immediatly thought of a poem I wrote years ago called “Sometimes” Now I get to share this piece with you all.

Happy Potluck!



I wanna cry sometimes
Tears just wanna flow from my eyes
I am doing pretty good at holding them back
But I always face the fact
I just wanna cry sometimes
The reason for the tears
Is not always clear
It may be because of fear
Or because I have no one near
Either way
I have to say
I wanna cry sometimes
When I feel like this
I think of those I’ve missed
Those I’ve dissed
And those I’ve kissed
But mostly I wish
For one particular dish
The one I order but always miss
The only answer to my wish
And I just wanna cry sometimes
The feeling comes and goes
From the top of my head to the tip of my toes
I hold it back so no one knows
But anyway it goes
I wanna cry sometimes
I used to keep this all inside
But then I found a new friend
Who is steady until the end
And this is my ballpoint pen
So I write it out
During my times of doubt
Whether I cry or pout
When I write it out
I don’t wanna cry anymore

19 thoughts on “Sometimes (Jingle’s Poetry Potluck)

  1. Very well written..

    Glad you don’t wish to cry anymore.. We all go through this many a times.. Life..!!

    I must confess you have written my story- that is how it has been with me- exactly why I love to stare at my Computer and write.. 🙂

    It does invent and heal in the process- I am happy for you.. Keep writing My friend..

    Love xoxox

  2. Crying is a good thing, it’s such a release and at the end of crying I find peace. The peace to look within and see “what’s the beef?”, Where’s the grief? or just thanks for the relief. We cry when we give life from joy and relief, we cry when life ends and then we start again… I think crying is one of life’s wonderful secret blessings. When the tears are gone we miss them…….

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