I Need To Write

I need to write
I’m gonna get HIGH and write
I’m gonna get BLAZED and write
Because I need to write
Everyday there is something to put down
There are some words that need to be made to sound
So I need to write something down
Whether it be about the feelings of the heart
Notes and rights of the revolution
Abstract thoughts on life itself
Or the simple beauty of nature
There is always something to write about
So why do I have these gaps
These points of no poignant thoughts
These breaks that last for so long
Is it really nothing to write
Is it really nothing that I have to say
Or is it laziness
Just not taking the time
Or the ever valid excuse of being busy
Well non of this will suffice
I see myself taking to people at the roll of a dice
I mean on it
I spit
Never quit
I come with it
These words
All I gotta do
Is remember to write it down
With that I bring it to sound
And you know that’s where I’m found

25 thoughts on “I Need To Write

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  3. Yes, that’s true, when we love writing, we want to write, no need of stimulus, it just comes as a natural feeling…

    I can relate so much with your poem! 🙂

  4. Liked your non-subtle approach to the subject matter. Enjoyed reading your take on the subject and the questions you asked. I don’t have any answers but I always enjoy a good poem. Flick your bic for the rest of us,


  5. Inspirational..!!
    Very well expressed- words do create a high and then spins magically all around you..

    At times, they attain what you wish to achieve- depending upon your focus.. 🙂

    Keep weaving the magic around.. !!

    Love xoxox

  6. I found you write very well here. You need to write, what to write? We have good combo, right 🙂 Next time i probably will write while suckin* high on weed! I’m just saying.

  7. I have the opposite problem, myself–have to make myself stop writing most times because once I start I go on and on–remember what they say: better to keep your mouth shut & look like a fool than open your mouth & prove it. 😉 Thanks for coming by my place, I appreciate it.

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