Is The World Going Crazy?

Is The World Going Crazy or Am I Just Paying More Attention?

Achieving Balance Between Freedom and Fear



Is the world going crazy or am I just paying more attention?

Seems like every time I look at the news I’m horrified by what they mention.

I’m trying to raise my own to be the best they can be

But I feel as if I have to protect them from society



The news reports of the last couple of weeks have really burdened my spirit. During this season of joy and cheer there are so many atrocities that are still occurring around the world, and the scary part is, many of these things are happening right in our own backyard. I mean horrific things are happening and causing me to look at everyone I see differently. I mean – Is the world going crazy? Or am I just paying more attention?


To hear that a 2-year-old girl is sexually assaulted at a dollar store, in the middle of the day is outrageous! I mean, you HAVE to be sick in the head to sexually assault a child, but how INSANE must you be to do so in the isle of a shopping store? Stories like this are shocking, but in a society like ours, how many times do we have to hear it until we become desensitized? How many times does it have to happen until it is a normal thing to fear? If you ask me, I’d say once!


One time is enough for me to change my ways. Even if my kids think I’m over bearing or to strict. I’ll be that! I was raised in The City: bright lights, fast cars, busy streets, garbage heaps, homeless sleep, pickpockets, baby snatchers, and crazy jackers. I knew at a very young age that when we were on “the streets” or “in public” it was time to be vigilant. Stay within eyesight, don’t wander off, don’t talk to strangers, don’t go anywhere with anyone for any reason. And if somebody wants to know your name, tell them to ask your mommy. Basically anyone (grown or a child) had no business talking to me or I to them. I knew the rules and I obeyed, for my own safety. I think in trying to allow our children to stay children as long as possible we shelter them from the realities of the harsh world. And the reality of today’s society is even graver then it was when we were growing up. Or is it? Is the world going crazy or am I just paying more attention?


I find myself hearing of horrible news of things that happen to children, I take this information and I share it with parents that I know, in hopes of raising their guards a little. Because too often parents are “plugged in” while their kids run around carefree; yet in a split second their world cold be uprooted. But how do we raise children to be cautious without being fearful. I’m sure this is an age-old question, but in a world where kids are growing up too fast how do we inform them of the perils of the world with out scaring them into a shell?


For me the answer is the same one I was raised on, strict parenting, full of information and truth. I tell them that when we are out and about they need to stay right next to me; I don’t care if we are in a small town or a big city, they must stay close. They are informed that because of their beauty and intelligence someone may want to take them home as their own. I also tell them that there are people out there who like to hurt kids and my job as their mother is to protect them; it’s my most important duty. They understand that my strict rules and standards are for their benefit and protection. They know that because they have their father, and me they are protected from the dangers of the world. But they also know that the world is dangerous and they have to do their part to remain safe. In telling them the truth about the world and providing strict guidelines I believe I am able to achieve the balance between freedom and fear.




One thought on “Is The World Going Crazy?

  1. Keep it real! The balance comes when we not only warn them of the dangers, but we show them the delights this world has to offer. Take your children places, do things with them. Don’t go into a shell because there is danger out their. Show them you care and “experience life” together.

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