I’m A Feed My Baby

I’m a feed my baby

Even if they say it’s gone hurt

I’m a feed my baby

Even if my milk don’t come in

I’ll just keep on pumping, hand express’n

Every drop is a blessing

Got to give my baby the best in

The world

I ain’t paying no $23.99

For something that simulates mine

My own God given blessing

Ensuring my baby knows I got all she needs

Warmth, comfort, and nourishment

Breast milk is a Heaven sent

So I’m a feed my baby

Right here in my arms

I’m a feed my baby




This thought just came to mind as I was nursing baby KIAH, and with what I’m going through I am sure it will be a piece that continues on. And if you nurse your baby feel free to add your own section starting with “I’m a feed my baby…”



8 thoughts on “I’m A Feed My Baby

  1. Yes! Feed yo’ baby. Some don’t feed their baby because they are too crazy or too lazy. Some don’t cause they fed miss daisy. When you can, give your baby the best in the land. Feed your baby and strengthen your ties, look into her little eyes and see that love. Love from above, so strong when all else goes wrong it makes you carry on. It’s no joke ,you can’t drink or smoke or eat harmful things or gassy beans. Go ahead, feed you baby, it’s yes not maybe.
    Feed yo’ baby, it will change your life.

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