The season

Kids smiling
People talking
Babies laughing
Somethings happen’n
Tis the joy of the season
We enjoy ourselves within reason
Gathering together to celebrate
Each moment a memory we create
For us to carry on
The building blocks of traditions
Setting the table laying foundations
On what they season means for us
Our family and our history
Do we surround ourselves with gifts of toys
Or the spirit of love, peace and joy
Togetherness and caring
Giving to the less fortunate, sharing
Our hopes and our dreams
Living within our means
As the year comes to a close
It’s time to give thanks for those
Who have touched our lives
And soothed our cries
With their kind words or their grace
Assuring us we are in the right place
Where our hearts reside
Where the love abounds
Where the lost are found
The joy of the season
Annually reminding us of our reason
Our purpose
Our being
Our faith
Our hope
Our love


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