It seems like just yesterday

We used to gather in a way

That made us feel immortal

When our minds joined together we opened up a portal

Into another space, another time

Another frequency, I could hear our souls chime

And I could see the color of our beings

Suspended in midair, the sight was freeing

In the beginning we would join together weekly

Everyone contributing of ourselves uniquely

Then the weeks changed to seasons and to years

Seems as if time has just moved us on our careers

But in my heart I know that our bond is eternal

Because our shining light is internal

And when I sit and reminisce

It’s like looking down into the oceanic abyss

So many memories that we share

It’s like we’re together even when we’re not there

So this time when I ring in the New Year

I’m gonna party as if you all where here

And let the rhythm of an audio track

Set my heart in motion representing Phorsefield Black

I’m a stir some pots and cook with soul

And speak on the truth complete and whole

Because the potlucks of the past taught me many things

But the most important was being satisfied with what you can bring

And being open to learn beyond my beliefs

That lesson lives on strong and eases the grief

Of our separation and distance

Because MOTM is consistence

9 thoughts on “MOTM

  1. 1 Mind this piece is awesome I love it! Got me here missing you and everyone else even more…awe **tear** I love you MOTM!!! Forever Phorsefield BLACK – there is NO middle ground!

    • Thank you Jamie,
      Funny you say that we need to add audio. I’m trying to figure out how to do that. I really wanted to post a track with my Age of Aquarius post as well as Do you Dance with You Shadow. So I will be on that Diva level soon. 🙂

  2. I could hear our souls chime
    And I could see the color of our beings
    Suspended in midair

    I can see it…and I love it!

  3. stunning imagery,
    well done.

    Thanks for sharing your talent with JP..

    Happy Wednesday,
    Join poets rally week 36 if you wish.

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