Politically Incorrect

When did it become taboo to talk about God? Seriously. I’m trying to trace it back in history and I cannot find the exact point that turned God into an unmentionable subject. I know I’m young (80’s born) and I haven’t seen too many major changes occur, but the shift of this generations thinking is […]

My Experience

I’m not no rock-n-roll fan But I groove to the sounds of a Band Of Gypsy — Eyes Their melodic theories hypnotize Me, hip me To the game of a sound change Elevating to a Purple Haze, You Got Me Floating Above the sound of the Crosstown Traffic And all the havoc Of Machine Gun, […]


I’m searching for an enlightened sense of intuition The kind I don’t have to mention The inner voice that originates from above I mean coming from a supreme love I know my journey up Mystic Mountain Is leading me to the everlasting fountain Of love, joy, peace, long suffering, kindness Goodness, faithfulness, gentleness Self-control Fruits of the […]

Becoming Anew

I nominate Sam for his piece “From My Window” He made me remember my city nights in SF.     Becoming anew Listening Believing Trusting Learning Changing Growing Maturing Transitioning Metamorphosing Becoming anew In this life That is what we do Exceeding those rife With despair Ascending our souls Still — in midair Absolute, total, […]

Vision Quest

I’m on a vision quest I’m on a vision quest Not taking a rest Marching on down this vision quest To my freedom To my peace To A Love Supreme A vision quest Walking up mount mystic Feeling spiritualistic Got my mind untwisted And I’m lifted Up By the sounds By the vibrations Not giving […]