Why I Write

Seems like I need to write
Because when I don’t my goals feel out of sight
Unable to grasp them, or even see them clearly
When I don’t write my existence is nearly
Void of meaning and purpose
I need to write to serve my souls purpose
To stay in tune with my being
I need to write so I recall my meaning
Writing allows me to focus and stay centered
It makes me remember that this life is treasured
Writing makes me more introspective
It gives me the proper perspective
I find myself drifting into an abyss
When my writing is amiss
I feel lost in this world of sin
When I am without my pen
But to my amazement
Writing helps me reaching my atainment
Of peace of mind, body and spirit
It takes my soul to the outer limit

4 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. Write! WRITE! WRITE! That’s right, write all night, write until

    you see mornings light! It’s all right when you have to

    write, you love to write, you have to write… I draws you

    near, and makes mysteries clear…write on slips of paper,

    matchbooks, the back of your hand. WRITE, WRITE, WRITE!

    and WE THANK YOU!

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