Vision Quest

I’m on a vision quest
I’m on a vision quest
Not taking a rest
Marching on down this vision quest
To my freedom
To my peace
To A Love Supreme
A vision quest
Walking up mount mystic
Feeling spiritualistic
Got my mind untwisted
And I’m lifted
By the sounds
By the vibrations
Not giving into the temptations
Of the world around me
Cuz everywhere I look
And everywhere I see
People falling down in tragedy
Living lives of misery
I’m trying to reach eternity
And I’m doing it with
A Love Supreme
I’m on a vision quest
Never taking a rest
I’m rising
Above the best
I’m passing all the test
With flying colors
Through the sounds
Because Acknowledgement was found
Rising high above
Sending praises up
Flying like doves
My vision is leading my higher
To another level
Leading me
Guiding me
Providing for me
My vision quest
Is nothing less than the best
A vision quest
The path to get there
Is ordered
Already ordered
My steps are
So I continue on
No matter how far
No matter how long
Or treacherous
Because the blessing is treasure
So it’s my pleasure
To continue on
Giving praise along the way
That’s all I can say
The sweetest Holy Spirit
Guiding me on my way
A vision quest
Glad to be blessed


This piece was written while listening to St. John Coltrane’s Equinox. It is being submitted to Jingle’s Blogspot for Poetry Potluck under the theme of Journey and The Road Ahead.


14 thoughts on “Vision Quest

  1. I just loved this, Marlee. So positive–just felt like a march to your enlightenment–not being swayed by anything along the way. So beautiful and I commend you–you really spoke my language here. xoxo

  2. Fantastic, very upbeat and with purposed points that got me thinking I wish I had a vision quest – great write, though I have to admit at first I was a little leery of the title, soon as I saw it I had a horrific image of a Madonna video that was for the soundtrack of a movie from the 80’s called “Vision Quest”!

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