Baby #2

Yesterday was my sweet little Baby KIAH’s 1st birthday! What a blessing it is to have such a sweet little spirit bless my life and the lives of those around her. Her smile brightens up my day and infects those around her with joy. She is truly a ray of joy and My Personal Sunrise.

The celebration of her first birthday truly exemplified the difference between first borns and second borns. For my first born (Baby AZAH) we went all out, invited every single person who knew she existed. We spent hundreds of dollars on renting a venue, buying food and decorations, and presents galore. We took tons of photos and videos and wrote every detail down. But really was this a celebration for her or for us? Because Baby AZAH does not remember any of this. So for Baby KIAH’s first birthday we went a different route. We kept it small and intimate and very inexpensive. At first it felt weird. Just the four of us celebrating. No expensive venue, decorations, invites, or tons of gifts. Just the four of us celebrating and thanking God for our blessings. As the day went on I realized, this was just as special as a lavish party. Baby KIAH got to play and have new experiences. She got to pick out her one toy and received gifts of true necessity instead of tons of things she doesn’t really need. She was able to actually nap and face the day well rested. She didn’t have tons of people in her face trying to show her love. She was able to remain in her comfort zone and just be a one year old. She wasn’t all zoomed up on sugar from cupcakes and ice cream. She was able to just BE.

With Baby #1 there were so many unknowns and so many expectations. We couldn’t hardly wait for each milestone to be reached But with Baby #2 there is no sense of rushing to reach accomplishments. It seems as if she is growing up too fast anyway. So every moment is treasured and in some way, selfish kept just for the four of us. And although we didn’t invite the world to celebrate with us I know Baby KIAH felt just as loved and special as Baby AZAH did on her first birthday.

So to my sweet Baby KIAH, I am so glad to have you in my life. You are a blessed addition to our family. You bring us all such joy! Thank you for choosing us and for being the light in the darkness. You are loved!


7 thoughts on “Baby #2

  1. I love this Marlee–loving and insightful. You are doing a wonderful job of mothering. It’s not always an easy job.

    I had two little girls also. You brought back memories for me of those early, precious days with them.

  2. I never had a second child, but I can certainly see where one would learn from the first and apply to the second.

    We always had the small, quiet events for our son. Forty years later, they are remember by all and the memories are relished. I think you wil fine the same, Marlee.

    Congratulations on your two children. What a blessing and I’m sure you are a blessing to them too. There’s nothing like being mom.

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