Politically Incorrect

When did it become taboo to talk about God? Seriously. I’m trying to trace it back in history and I cannot find the exact point that turned God into an unmentionable subject. I know I’m young (80’s born) and I haven’t seen too many major changes occur, but the shift of this generations thinking is seriously scary. I mean we wonder why kids are killing kids, and people are detached and desensitized, but maybe it’s because they have no since of the greater good, or something bigger than self. Because I know if I believed that this life here was all there was, I would have no reason to hope, or love, or help. I would just be focused on getting mine. Not having a Heavenly Father, who connects us all, allows us to think of one another as separate, instead of as brothers and sisters.


Do you all recall in the 90’s when people would run around trying to be “PC” (politically correct)? I was in school during that time and I remember the classroom becoming a very sensitive place. Teachers were afraid to speak on certain subjects and everyone was very careful on how they phrased their responses. And I was in private school (no worries about separation of church and state). But there was a sense of fear that emanated from all those involved in conversation. People were too worried about being “PC”. And for those of us who weren’t practicing being politically correct, there was a since of being looked down upon. But I say this: I am a nonconformist. I never wanted to fit into the little boxes built for me. My wings are too broad and too vast to be contained. Yet I realized that in navigating this educational system, I learned to be “PC” in order to succeed. I learned to hold my tongue. Because bringing up God in the classroom always seemed to change the vibe to hostility. So I learned to hold my tongue or vaguely mention the wonders of God.


But now as I continue my journey as a parent and a believer I vow to be politically incorrect. I will speak God’s name with no shame and no care of how other’s look at me. Because for me to be comfortable in my own skin I must give complete recognition to my Heavenly Father, no holds barred. I want my children to grow up in a God-conscious environment. That means that I must stand on the word of God and speak freely of his wonders. I must be prideful in God’s grace and never worry about the outside world. It is my duty to set an example, so when they enter the world they have a secure since of being God’s child, and they feel empowered by speaking of His glory. So God bless you all!



5 thoughts on “Politically Incorrect

  1. So true. And what is also interesting is the fact that now athiests are trying to convert believers. God Bless you Marlee-I.

    • Fa real! I have experienced the counter-version myself. An interesting often science based philosophy. My best response is “The fact that we do exist is acknowledgement of Thee O Lord”

  2. 1 mind! This is so real. I often find myself not trying to offend other people and what they believe…but really what about what I believe? I mean freedom of speech encompasses my right to speak freely about what I want to right? I mean as long as it isn’t breaking any of the “stipulations” of that freedom of speech and I’m definitely not running into a loud crowd screaming “bomb!” so I really shouldn’t have anything to worry about…yet I’ve seemed to castrate what is genuinely inside me and have “hushed” my “Jesus” voice a tad…but as a Christian aren’t I supposed to be setting the example and by that “winning” more souls over to be believers?…guess I should mediate on “PC”…

    and the “church of Peaches” says AMEN!

  3. God Bless You abundantly. These are the questions we need

    to ask and the comments we need to hear. Thank you. GOD

    Bless You! and everyone reading this.

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