We Know

We are moving right along in the Coltrane Immergence Week and I am so thankful. Day 4 was another success. This week has flown by and I have been super productive. Success has been bountiful and I look forward to another 3 intensive days to finish off the Coltrane Challenge! Once again I have been […]

Help Me Resolve

Moving on in the Coltrane Challenge, and day 3 was another success. Listened to a variety of Coltrane and enjoyed every note! Blessed to have been granted another piece based off the lyrics to A Love Supreme. Enjoy! “God is all/ Help us resolve our fears and weaknesses/ In you all things are possible/ Thank […]

Beautiful Peace

I am thankful that Coltrane Challenge Day 2 was another success! Listening to Ole Coltrane all day was nice. But what was even better was listening to KPOO FM online and getting 4 straight hours of John Coltrane. I suggest you all tune in every Tuesday from 12-4 PST, that’s some good listening. I am […]

Coltrane Challenge – Day 1

Yesterday I began my Coltrane Immergence Week in hopes of getting my ears cleaned. As I continue this journey up Mystic Mountain, searching for true meaning and discipline, I have been reminded that my spiritual guide is the music and wisdom of John Coltrane. After just one day of blocking out the negative vibrations of […]

All I Can

John Coltrane opens up the Psalm – A Love Supreme saying: “I will do all I can to be worthy of Thee O Lord/It all has to do with it/Thank you God” This speaks to my true ambition, goal and aim. Shouldn’t it be all of our goals to work our way to being worthy […]


On THIS day I was granted the gift of life, bless the Lord. In my community we don’t say, “happy birthday” we say, “welcome”. John Coltrane said “Welcome is that feeling you have when you finally do reach an awareness, an understanding which you have entered through struggle. It’s a feeling of peace. A welcome […]

Get Your Ears Cleaned

Now I understand what my father meant when he’d say “You need to get your ears cleaned. Put on some Coltrane.” It took me 28 years to really know what it meant, and to feel and experience the cleansing; it truly goes beyond the ears, even to the depths of your soul. I don’t know […]

Break The Cycle

Tear Pierce Erase Dissolve Interrupt Remove Let’s just break The cycle The cycle of abuse The cycle of violence The cycle of self-hate, shame and ignorance Turn our perspective around Release us from the mental slavery that bounds Restore our enlightened eye Give us perspective that illuminates our soul Renew our intuition Allow us to […]