Break The Cycle

Let’s just break
The cycle
The cycle of abuse
The cycle of violence
The cycle of self-hate, shame and ignorance
Turn our perspective around
Release us from the mental slavery that bounds
Restore our enlightened eye
Give us perspective that illuminates our soul
Renew our intuition
Allow us to follow our heart
Not be dragged down by the rip tide of this world
Let us be out of this world
Above the influence
Steadfast in our beliefs
Unaffected by our surroundings
Focus our minds on the source
Open our eyes to lessons learned
Don’t allow us to repeat the same mistakes
Deliver us a different fate
Offer us an escape
Reveal the consequences of our actions
Afford us the opportunity to move with compassion
Let the change come now
Break the cycle
Humble our ego
So an innocent soul can be spared
The depths of poverty and struggle
And uncertainty
Trust and believe
Give us guidance in our contemplation
Align us with creation
Permit us a bird’s eye view
So that perspective we may accrue
And understand
Offer us peace with the steps we plan
Break the cycle
Offer a new start
Break the cycle
Heal our broken heart
Release the anger and the hate
Allow us to see we control fate
Obliterate the blaming of others
Prevent us from causing more generations to suffer
Break the cycle
One soul at a time
Uplift us from the degenerative grime
Break the cycle through faith and love
Give us a future we only dreamed of
Let our past fuel us to a better future
Removing this detrimental tumor
Of the mind, body and spirit
Break the cycle
Replace it with an upward spiral
Of love, hope, patience
Peace, understanding
And wisdom
Break the cycle
Grasp freedom

8 thoughts on “Break The Cycle

    • You are right on point. That is exactly what it is, a prayer and a plea for change. This subject is very close to my heart, and to break the cycle we must make individual and group changes, that’s why it is such a struggle.

      Thank you for reading and for your input. I am glad you enjoyed it

  1. 1 mind! BREAK THE CYCLE I love these lines below!

    “Break the cycle
    Humble our ego
    So an innocent soul can be spared”

  2. AWESOME. This is one of your best. Calling to awaken from

    our sleep, our inertia. It is time to make a change and we

    who know, are responsible to teach and to help those who

    don’t. Thank you for the inspiration. There are some perilous

    days ahead . We have got to be true. God will not change

    our condition until we change what is in our heart.

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