Get Your Ears Cleaned

Now I understand what my father meant when he’d say “You need to get your ears cleaned. Put on some Coltrane.” It took me 28 years to really know what it meant, and to feel and experience the cleansing; it truly goes beyond the ears, even to the depths of your soul.

I don’t know anyone who does not like some type of music. There is music for everyone, and if there isn’t you can make your own that you enjoy. Music speaks to our most inner essence emitting and aligning vibrations. You are what you listen to. You feel the vibe. So what can you do, if you want to change? Change what you’re listening to! “Get your ears cleaned” It seems simple enough to understand, especially hearing it repeatedly while growing up. But for me, I guess I needed one of those “hands on experiences” to understand. I was always a kinesthetic learner. Growing up my ears were constantly cleaned, I mean squeaky. My vocal chords were cleaned from singing to Coltrane. My eyes were washed and doused in Coltrane, Trane on my hands, Trane on my mind and Trane in my heart. Going off to college took away a lot of the cleansing, and changed my musical vibrations. You know how any social environment is, a lot of people all up in your ears. I should have spent more time “getting my ears cleaned” That is the lesson to be learned by us all, if we want to truly change we have to figure out what we want to be and the vibration to get there. That is our journey. My journey has always been to God. If yours has too, you need to catch a ride on the Coltrane. It’s a one-way ticket, and it is sure to arrive on time.

There is so much in Coltrane’s music and song titles, so many remedies, solutions, theorems, rhythms, concepts, and a sense of peace. You got to get pass the vibrations of preference to your life story. You got to move pass the vibration of the spoken word. You got to move to the essence of sound, the sound that you hear beyond the silence. Because emerging into a Coltrane abyss is sure to realign with the Divine.

So I challenge my readers to a Coltrane Immergence Week. For one week only listen to John Coltrane compositions. If you have access to this blog you are on the Internet so just go to YouTube and make a John Coltrane playlist. Start with A Love Supreme and First Meditations. Have fun with it. I assure you, you will see a change in your thoughts, words and deeds.

Beginning Monday February 7 through Sunday February 13, 2011 I will only listen to John Coltrane compositions. I challenge you to take this ride with me. Come on!

10 thoughts on “Get Your Ears Cleaned

  1. Wow! Marlee-I…This post came right on time for me. I was literally just thinking I need to put something on to ground me, to center me with right where I am. Thank you. Listening to a Love Supreme right now…

  2. I love this post! I feel like I need a pWrite about getting my own ears cleaned! and also I’ve clearly not posted in 2 days and I’ve felt bad about it but I didn’t have anything I felt like saying…I know excuses…but there will be a post today…I love you! talk to you manana (on ur day!)

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