On THIS day I was granted the gift of life, bless the Lord.

In my community we don’t say, “happy birthday” we say, “welcome”. John Coltrane said “Welcome is that feeling you have when you finally do reach an awareness, an understanding which you have entered through struggle. It’s a feeling of peace. A welcome feeling of peace.” This year is the first year that I can truly hear welcome and it feel as if I have arrived. I have gone through great struggle and through it I am reaching awareness and an understanding. I truly feel at peace, “a welcome feeling of peace”.



Welcome me into your mind

Welcome me into you heart

Welcome me into your actions

Bring me into your everyday needs

I will guide and protect you with my unlimited grace

Bountiful are my gifts and treasured untraced


Are you talking to me?

I must be hearing things

Telling me let you in

Shoot I can help myself

Yeah I got to struggle

Yeah my burden is heavy

But I handle it fine


Welcome my love

Welcome my peace

Welcome my gentleness

Allow me to ease your mind

I will grant you awareness and understanding

Be still and know that I am your souls landing


You can offer all that?

Sounds too good to be true

Sign me up but first tell me what I gotta do

This is an everlasting life long commitment?

Always giving glory to you?

Exalting your name in all that I do?

Keep my mind, thoughts and deeds

In conjunction with the creed?

Trusting you will fulfill all my needs?

Having faith when it matters most?

Being filled with the Holy Ghost?

One hundred percent engrossed?

Sounds like a lot of time and energy

But it’s worth it to be relieved from jeopardy

I pledge it all, I take the vow

I give my life from this day on

I welcome your gentleness, peace and love

I welcome you into all that I think of

I welcome you to take control

I welcome you into me complete and whole

My burden is already much lighter

Oh how I thank you my awesome provider


Your Welcome.



5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. One Mind!!! WELCOME Marlee-I WELCOME!!! One day I will learn the song and I will sing it to you on your day of Welcome as you do on mine…I love this entire piece so much it gave me peace to read it! It made me feel welcome it welcomed me it welcomed my calmness from inner peace that’s starting to float up top….I love you BFF!!!

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