Coltrane Challenge – Day 1

Yesterday I began my Coltrane Immergence Week in hopes of getting my ears cleaned. As I continue this journey up Mystic Mountain, searching for true meaning and discipline, I have been reminded that my spiritual guide is the music and wisdom of John Coltrane. After just one day of blocking out the negative vibrations of the everyday music, I already feel lighter. My outlook has been more positive and my energy is more easily focused. I am encouraged by my community and those who are also on the spiritual path. Many have also joined me in this Coltrane Challenge and I am so grateful. To know that others are supporting this journey and are on the same plane means the world to me. It’s like having a spiritual team, with Coltrane as our coach.

My main album for day one was A Love Supreme (of course). And after repeated listening, back to back, all I wanted to do was write a poem for each line of the psalm. I could go on for days and days. So along with this challenge I am going to ask for the Lord to grant me poetry for the lyrics of the Psalm- A Love Supreme. Thank you God!

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