Beautiful Peace

I am thankful that Coltrane Challenge Day 2 was another success! Listening to Ole Coltrane all day was nice. But what was even better was listening to KPOO FM online and getting 4 straight hours of John Coltrane. I suggest you all tune in every Tuesday from 12-4 PST, that’s some good listening. I am also thankful for being blessed with another poem based off the lyrics to A Love Supreme. I hope you all enjoy!

“Peace/There is no other/God is/It is so beautiful/Thank you God” -John Coltrane, Psalm – A Love Supreme


It is so beautiful
To know you
To feel you’re being in everything
To understand that I have meaning
To know that there is no other
And that you are
The beat of my heart
The pulse in my veins
The thoughts in my mind
The current in my body
You are
The joy in my soul
The hope in my heart
The compassion in my spirit
You are magnificent in every way
It is so beautiful
To feel at peace in your presence
I can be
Because you are
The beauty in a sunrise
The whisper of the wind
The depths of darkness
The pinnacle of light
You are
My courage in fear
My comfort in turmoil
My guide in voyage
My love in pain
It is so beautiful
You are
You are
Beautiful peace

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Peace

  1. “You are, You are” that says it right there…made me channel CeCe Winans song “I am that I am, I’m all that you need, I can Yes I can, be all that you need…” this is beautiful…

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