Thank You So Much!

I truly appreciate this award from my peers! The support is priceless. I nominate Fiveloaf for the piece I Can’t Hold It.

The Devil’s Been Busy

There’s no one to blame
And there is no shame
There are still cracked clavicles
And splintered spines with tightened tendons
From the burden being carried
Arched from hip to shoulder
Barely breathing
Trudging along ever continuous
Eyes straining to gaze at the goal
From the bottomless pit of pity
The devil’s been busy

16 thoughts on “

  1. Don’t know how I missed coming over here for this reading – so sorry to have responded so late to your kind comment!

    This poem has several layers – not so much like an onion as it is like mille feuilles pastry! Delicious and layered with filling!

    Great poem – thanks for the invite!

  2. Interesting, clever title. The whole tone of the poem seems light, yet read every word, and there are definitely raw emotions to be found. Whoever that devil is, don’t let him get the best of you!

  3. Yes and he is relentless. Remember he has no power over

    faith. The power he has is that we give him and we can

    relinquish that. The struggle continues. Be strong and carry

    on. Sometimes we get battle weary, but,


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