All One

During my Coltrane Immergence Week I began to write poetry inspired by the lyrics to St. John Coltrane’s Psalm – A Love Supreme. I enjoyed that so much that I am continuing on with that theme throughout the Lenten season. I feel it is very appropriate to stay focused and committed especially during Lent and singing the A Love Supreme will definitely assist with that.

“Words, sounds, speech, men, memory, thoughts, fears and emotions/Time/All related/All made from one/All made in one” -John Coltrane, Psalm – A Love Supreme



Anything, everything, the whole amount

Wholly, entirely, only, chiefly, notwithstanding

Totally, utterly and fully



Being a single unit

Existing, acting as single unit or entity

Of the same kind, nature or condition

Being Unique or particular



All One

Do you know there is only one?

One is all and All is one

And from that is where we all begun

Beyond our human fleshly selves

Past the deepest depths of the sea

Infinite as the stars across the universe

All made in one

All made from one

All related




2 thoughts on “All One

  1. All is All! I enjoy this very much I’m so happy to see you writing again and you have several post this morning yay!!! mad juiced over here!

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