All Paths

“Blessed be his name/Thought waves/Heat waves/All vibrations/All paths lead to God/Thank you God” -John Coltrane, Psalm – A Love Supreme

All paths lead to God

Some may find that odd

But seeing as we’re all one

Makes sense we all reach the same destination

Since we are all waiting at the same station

Just taking different modes of transportation

Attempting to avoid termination

Steadily waiting

For our days to end

Wondering if there’s a recount of sin

If there is, we’re begging to get in

Because our lives are filled with

Anything and everything

Totally and utterly


The whole amount of

Our fears and emotions

Our thoughts, words and speech

Even our memory

All these vibrations derived from our being

Thought waves, heat waves

Returning to the same source

Ultimately the same course


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