Don’t speak for me

This is the land of the free

Not follow me on bended knee

Don’t represent me as you claim liberty

Your bombs for freedom are deceptive

Your job is not to play detective

Or savior to the lost

Devastating every border you cross

Claiming to be fighting for the people

When you have yet to believe we all are equal

Don’t spew your lies on the TV screen

When you only fight wars to obtain the green

Or is it the black

Gold from the bowels of the Earth

Devouring it with your supplies in dearth

Stepping in to maintain the peace

When wars your begin never cease

Suffocating in your own filth, a rat race

Desperately grasping for a saving grace

Hopelessness and anguish slowly beginning to encase

The masses here on the homeland

Yet you believe united we stand

While you contrive and devise

And meet with your allies

But should we be surprised?



12 thoughts on “Misrepresentation

  1. No, we shouldn’t be surprised, Marlee. Sad to say.

    I love this passionate commentary on the misrepresentation that is so prevalent across this world. You did a wonderful job–very emotionally heartfelt.

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