Mount Mystic Progress Report

I must admit my journey up Mystic Mountain took a cold turn and I had to set up camp. Seems like just as I start to get into my rhythm some element comes and distracts me from my course. Sometimes I am hit so hard that I stumble back and have to retrace my steps, but thankfully this time I remained anchored. In my absence I have been through some wonderful, and some tiring experiences. First I entered into an erotic poetry contest and won 1st prize. Following that victory (of course) was a tribulation, my health began to combat me again and that sent me spiraling downward emotionally and physically. My 4AM prime time regimen all but vanished and my writing took a back seat. But thankfully I am on this journey with those armed with faith and wisdom. A good friend of mine offered me her services through holistic healing and I immediately entered into a cleanse and began using herbal remedies. Within days my conditioned began to improve as well as my spirit. Now with a renewed outlook and fresh start I am once again ready to ascend Mystic Mountain. Thank you for joining me on this journey.


One thought on “Mount Mystic Progress Report

  1. All praises be unto him who is most high!!! Praise God you are in better health mentally and physically and spiritually! Amen!

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