His Way

“His way it is so lovely/It is gracious/It is merciful/Thank you God” -John Coltrane, Psalm – A Love Supreme


We all want to have it our way

But walking that path can lead us astray

Inflaming the price we pay

On this road of life we tend to suffer

To drag along

Ever searching for the place where we belong

While those around us try the same thing

So focused on self and wealth

That there is no regard for others

No mercy to our fellow beings

No grace in our interactions

Just looking for self satisfaction

Caught in this world of distraction

And false beauty

Forgetting our duty

To give thanks to God

And walk in truth, not the façade

But in true, exquisite, spiritual, delightful


Because His way is so lovely

And easy to travel when you are trusting

His mercy is bountiful, compassionate and kind

Forever causing us to redefine

Our life’s passions and objectives

Living in His grace changes your perspective

No longer chasing your way or the highway

Getting lost along the way

Just basking in His loveliness

Experiencing true bliss

Through His grace and mercy

Thank you God, for you are worthy




4 thoughts on “His Way

  1. Another treasure. Thank you! 🙂

    I’ve noted that I reversed your name in the post. I’m so sorry. You were so very gracious not to mention it. I will correct and make you a new signature.


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