Who are you searching for?
Who are you looking for?
Mildred, MilK or Marlee-I
Either way it’s I and I
Trying to find myself
Doing all I can to better myself
Using Coltrane as my guide
Knowing I’ve been set aside
Living the spiritual life with pride
Finding my way back home
Taking my rightful place on the throne
Following the steps to A Love Supreme
Walking amongst the redeemed
Acknowledging God’s existence
Resolving to be persistent
Pursuing my path with consistence
Believing, trusting and having faith
Knowing that in this life we have to wait
Having confidence in God’s plan
Not living life according to the treasures of man
Instead striving for perfection, doing all I can
To reach the peak of this plane
To feel peace and be one in the same
I’m searching


12 thoughts on “Searching

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  2. It is a wonderful journey and I’m glad to be on the path ,

    witnessing your resolve as you evolve.

    Keep up the good work!

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