Have No Fear (Believe)

“Have no fear/ Believe/ Thank you God” -John Coltrane, Psalm – A Love Supreme


Be afraid, be very afraid

This is the claim that is made

We are told to fear the boogieman as a child

We are told to fear animals in the wild

We are told to fear natural disaster

We are told to fear God, from our Pastor

There is a fear of immanent attack

And a fear of being held back

Some even fear success

And because of that, they live in regret

Well did you know fear is a tool

Used to control our thoughts and breed fools

When acting in fear we loose control

Giving over to the threat, body and soul

Turning over our thoughts for reactions

Fight or flight being our only interaction

No faith, no trust, no belief

No possible way to find relief

Just stuck waiting on the next threat

On the look out, drenched in a cold sweat

Unable to see the world clearly

Our foundation now flimsy

But if we are able to give thanks and believe

Fearlessness is what we can achieve

And without fear we can walk with confidence

Firm in our beliefs under divine providence

Having no fear, giving thanks and praise

Believe and trusting in God’s way

So have no fear


That God is


There is none other


God is all

No matter what

Have no fear



8 thoughts on “Have No Fear (Believe)

  1. Praise God!!! Thank you Most High for using our Sistah, Mil to share the good news: “I AM, that I AM”.
    Thank you for your obedience sis, and for your love.
    Thank you God!!! There is only You, only One. One Mind, One Love.

  2. Perfect love cast out all fear.

    In His love we live, we move, we have our being.

    The poem is a cry for action to the believers. Put away fear

    and doubt! Stand on the solid foundation of faith!

    If all around us is falling apart, let us follow God

    and be strong of heart.

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