Do You Wonder?

“The universe has many wonders/ God is all/ His way it is so wonderful” -John Coltrane, Psalm – A Love Supreme

The universe has many wonders

In fact the universe is a wonder

For all we can do is marvel and wonder

What is out there?

What, when, or if it ever ends

Wonder if life exists anywhere else

Within the depths of time and space

Wonder of galaxies and gravity

Of shining stars and hanging moons

Of thunder clouds and typhoons

We can wonder all day long

Making theories and speculations

But all the wondering is really just guessing

The truth is that God is all

His way is full of wonder


A remarkable phenomenon

Due our amazement and admiration

His way is of universes, galaxies and solar systems

His way is of coral reefs and fish of the deep

His way is of grand canyons and majestic waterfalls

His way is of peace and love and perfection

His way is all

Forever inspiring us to wonder

Yet I know

13 thoughts on “Do You Wonder?

  1. So gracious, so beautiful, so wonderful.

    May you ever know God is real. This piece is love inspired.

    Thank you for sharing that which you know.

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