Seek Him

“Seek Him everyday/ In all ways/ Seek God everyday/ Let us sing all songs to God/ To whom all praise is due/ Praise God” –John Coltrane, Psalm – A Love Supreme

What is it that you are trying to find or discover?

What is it you wish to obtain or uncover?

Are you even questioning or searching?

Is there anything in this life you’re researching?

Or are you just walking among the masses

Lost, an observer of life while it passes

Have you asked yourself why we are here?

Do you believe in a master puppeteer?

Are you just waiting for your troubles to disappear?

Have you forgotten that God is always near?

For before we were led astray

We all knew to seek God everyday

In all ways, through each action we obeyed

In every step we gave praise

Acknowledging God in all aspects of life

Singing all songs to God, while playing the fife

Planting seeds, rearing the youth,

Giving praise where praise is due

In tune with the message of grace

Knowing this life we cannot replace

Making the most of this one chance

Proving ourselves worthy to advance

So let us return to that place of peace

Seeking God and gaining relief

Changing our songs from pop to praise

Seeking God in all ways

20 thoughts on “Seek Him

  1. Brilliant and challanging sentiment, I hope I can live up to the words of this poem. One minor point, we’ll never be able to go about “Proving ourselves worthy to advance” as we are only human and therefore sin. Thats where the whole grace and mercy buisness comes in. Other than the small theological point, an amazing poem.
    The Lonely Recluse.

  2. One mind! “changing our songs from pop to praise…” I love this. It has a very gentle feel to it kind of like soothing to your soul your spirit…ur quest for inner peace. Praise God.

  3. Wonderful piece. I’m a big fan of the Coltrane and you did a really nice job working in it. I have always found the raising of questions throughout a piece is a nice way to inspire, not only yourself, but also thoughts within the reader. Thanks for sharing this.

    Spirituality, although, quiet at times, unshared by others at different times, sometimes feels like it’s left us. Thank you for reminding us that it need not be like that, that God hasn’t gone anywhere.

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