On The Road

“No road is an easy one/ But they all go back to God/ With all we share God/ It is all with God/ It is all with Thee/Obey the Lord/ Blessed is He” –John Coltrane, Psalm – A Love Supreme

Hit the highway

Take the high road

Don’t stray from the beaten path

Seems like everyone’s traveling

Headed somewhere

Looking for something

In motion


No road is an easy one

There is no easy way out

To progress you must struggle

And overcome

Otherwise how do you grow?

Life, the ultimate challenge

From birth to death

And day to day

We decide which road to take

Many not realizing

Our destination is the same

We all go back to God

Regardless of stop lights


Or even closed roads

With all we share God

It is all with God

He is our navigator

Our traveling companion

Our driver when we need rest

In God we can trust

He will always protect

Guide and direct

Obey the Lord

The mighty mapmaker

Laying our foundation

Fueling our development

Providing our needs

Blessed is He


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