What Time Is It?

Up late
As I anticipate
My great escape
From regression
Which causes my souls oppression
Time to reevaluate
Every detail
Every moment
From the food on my plate
To the words I create
Time to make choices which rejuvenate
Uplift and sustain
Time to build habits that maintain
My health, my spiritual peace
Time for me to release
From the bondage of day to day
Time to take control
And walk steadily toward the goal
Completely honest and accountable
To myself and to others
But most of all to God
Eliminating the fear of being odd
Time to separate myself from the drones of this culture
Where your spirit and morals are devoured by vultures
And taught self hate, prejudice, and fear
Left to feel lost and alone with no love near
Time to look inside for answers
Believing and trusting the divine within
Giving over to strict discipline
Not deterred by temptation
Nor lured into celebration
But strict discipline, preparation and dedication
Time to stop hesitating


3 thoughts on “What Time Is It?

  1. Yes it is time, time for more reason than rhyme, time to take the next step toward our Supreme goal. He will remake us, and we have the power to remake ourselves. Deep and introspective. Thank you!

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