The Will of God

“We are all from one thing/The will of God/Thank you God” –John Coltrane , Psalm- A Love Supreme

Seems like everyone’s always worried about where they’re going

I rarely see folks thinking about where they’re from

And I don’t mean what country or state or city or block

I mean that place of original thought

That point of conception, that blink of an eye

That spark of the spirit, that will of the Divine

That miracle moment of existence

The magnificent beginning of being

The instant God decided to give you life

Where we all come from

The will of God

Presenting us with the opportunity of life

Of being

Of feeling

Of creating

Of God

With our own will

And gifts and skills

Minds of our own

Able to decide and rationalize

And some just along for the ride

But to get direction

You have to stay focused on the connection

To the will of God

And continually give thanks to God

6 thoughts on “The Will of God

  1. Welcome back to poetry Potluck!!!! I’m diggin this piece! Hmm God knew us before the womb…knew the choices we’d make the trials and tribulations we’d go through…the point I which we’d stray from his will and when we’d return…Amen.

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