Have You Seen God?

“I have seen God – I have seen ungodly – none can be greater – none can compare to God. Thank you God.” –John Coltrane, Psalm – A Love Supreme



Have you seen God?

Have you looked Him in the face?

Have you approached his throne

And begged for grace?

Have you taken a moment

To search for a vision of truth?

Have you opened your heart

And become the living proof?

Because I have seen God

In fact I see Him everyday

I see Him with my eyes closed

I see Him in all who obey

For God lives within us

And is the love that we all possess

When we walk in the light of love

God is what we express

We, the representatives

His children on Earth

Sent to be living examples

Of the miracle of rebirth

Thank you God

I have seen ungodly

Suffering in greed and lust

Afraid to move in the spirit

Afraid to submit and trust

Knowing in their hearts

That God is great

Yet bound in the world

Unable to escape

Unaware their key to freedom

Is just what they’re running from

If they could just give thanks

The best of self is what they’d become

For none compare to God

Not even those mighty on this plane

They chase success for self

Ignorant of the path preordained

None can be greater than God

The architect of all creation

The sole source of freedom

From torment and damnation

The Truth, all vibration

The Light, the way

The Master of my actions

My God I will obey

Thank you God

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