Silent Music

Am I the only one who hears the music in the silence?

Because when I’m walking down the street

I can’t fight the beat

The music’s how I’m fed

So I’m singing in my head

And humming out loud

Trying not to draw a crowd

Cuz I can’t resist the trinity of sound


Oh melody so sweet

So fluid and so constant

A blessed gift of movement


Intricate, balancing, union

Giving depth to the sound

Pulling me in – further found


Drawing the three together

Setting the pace

Quickening, giving life

Melody, Harmony, Rhythm

A spiritual device

It is said

You are what you eat

Which is true for your body

But you are what you hear

The music in your ear

Shapes the thought of your mind

Why you think they set, on either side

A channel directly to the brain

Sending sounds to neurons

Redefining the terrain

My nerve impulses

Are on rapid fire

Cuz I’m bathed in that Coltrane geyser

That overflowing spring of

Everything you need

To be at peace

And feel the release

Of all that’s been holding you

To be

In meditation

In the geyser of Trane

Causes long term affects to the brain

That’s why even in the silence

I hear the distant guidance

Of a tenor sax

In the upper register

Reminding me of my

Out of this world messenger

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