Soul Mates

Soul Mates

Do you believe in soul mates?

Do you think there is someone out there

You were meant to relate?

In ways beyond the flesh?

Can you spiritually connect with someone

And them make your heart thresh?

Do you even know your souls wants and needs?

Is your soul searching for a mate?

Can souls even breed?

I believe in the mating of souls

And the linking of spirits

Souls coming together can make one whole

I know that my soul carries an energy all it’s own

Constantly vibeing with the souls of others

Transitioning , learning, blossoming to fully grown

I know until I met my mate

My soul was searching for it’s other pair

And brought together were we by fate

Instantly feeling the link and comradely connection

Our fleshly bodies and minds intertwine

Allowing our souls to see their reflection

Completing each others imperfections

Strong where once weak

Clearly a divine connection

Strong enough to change both our worlds

The way we think and the way we live

Becoming creators, producing two girls

Our coupling in action on dual planes

Producing from the union of our souls

Bringing forth something that remains

Something that is worthy of our souls journey

Focused on the spirit and the supreme love

Projecting beyond all things earthly

Traveling into interstellar space

Astro-traveling in quantum leaps

Across the universe, in each others embrace

Yes I believe in soul mates

And all that souls can produce

In fact the most crucial part of us is what our souls create

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