While My Lady Sleeps

This Thursday October 20th I will be performing at a program to support Maternal Health as a Human Right. I was asked by my dear doula Maddy to write a poem and I humbly accepted. The inspiration for this piece is the story of Tatia Malika Oden French and the fire that fuels the work of my dear friend Maddy. Please take the time to visit The Tatia Oden French Memorial Foundation and further educate yourself on empowering women specifically in childbirth and pregnancy.

As is customary with me I wrote this piece to Saint John Coltrane’s While My Lady Sleeps, please play it as you read. Enjoy!

While My Lady Sleeps

It was the middle of spring

The birds loved to sing

And I await the blessed gift that comes before me

And after me

The thing that connects me with the Divine

The Life

The Fruit

Of me and mine

Taking all precautions to get her here

Facing life without a fear

While my lady sleeps in my womb

Feeling everything ancient

Back to the mummy’s tomb

I connect with women throughout all time in full bloom

No pain medicine

No hospitals or doctors or knives

Just love and trust and resilience

With supporting women of experience

Feeling creation and connection

With all things of life

Knowing that I’m choosing and following

The steps made just right

A natural birth in everyway

Consultation with doctors along the way

Plan A at home, with midwife on call

Plan B in hospital if any problems at all

Rest and exercise, perfect nutrition

Natural diapers, soaps, food and clothes

I’m on a mission

While my lady sleeps time floats by

Summer spins in and soon leaves fly

End of autumn lets in winters chill

Meditation helps me feel peace

Be still

All while my lady sleeps

While she sleeps

While she sleeps

While my lady sleeps

They tell me she’s sleeping to late

2 weeks past their expected date

Plus she’s too big and doctors are impatient

Talking ‘bout some drug that was an abortifacient

Offering solutions for a problem I didn’t know exist

Got me wondering how Nefertiti did it with her six

Don’t wanna second guess God

But they telling me I’m odd

Gotta do what’s best for the baby so I’m riding on

Seems as if all my reasons are an excuse

So I’m taking the drugs to induce

Relaxed and calm, singing the psalms

Listening to music and feeling the spirit

Knowing my baby girl can hear it

Feeling kind of drowsy, should try to get some rest

No contractions yet, consider myself blessed


I rest

And I sleep

Knowing it’s probably my last

Baby on the way goodbye things of the past

Yes I’ll sleep

While my lady sleeps

While we sleep

While we sleep

And envision the growth a family

While we sleep

While my lady sleeps

Oh here it is, just breathe through the cramping

Let’s get the monitor on and oxygen too

Just a precaution to get you through

People rushing in

Talking in low voices

Asking me questions

Demanding I make choices

Won’t give me straight answers of what’s going on

Just wanting decisions with no information to lean on

They say I’m bleeding out

Possibly uterine rupture

Baby’s heartbeat is starting to cluster

Can’t stop the meds, administered by pill

I see the river Nile, reddened by God’s will

Breathings getting harder to do

Lights are blinding voices are out of view

Heartbeat racing I’m starting to panic

Limbs out of control

Screaming and havoc

Mind separate from body

I see my lady’s face

While my lady sleeps

I feel her embrace

We float together to another plane

Forever fueling the flame

Of a mother’s love to prevent the same

Two lives loss due to a second guess

While my lady sleeps she contemplates their rest

While my lady sleeps she does her best

To burn the flame of trust

And protect the rest

While my lady sleeps

While she sleeps

While my lady sleeps

She sleeps


10 thoughts on “While My Lady Sleeps

  1. I had never heard of the Tatia Oden French Memorial Foundation but do know of other foundations that support maternal health and childbirth. I was stunned by Tatia’s story and the tragic loss of two lives. Your poem on her behalf is stunning as well. It could be made into a song–I loved the refrain “while my lady sleeps.” Your mother’s heart touched this writing with deep emotion and sensitivity. What a beautiful gift. Good luck with your performance on Thursday–a most important cause to support.

    I’ve attended several home births and had one myself. Thankfully all went well with each one. I really appreciated having that choice.

    • Yay for home births! My second birth was in the home of Tatia’s mother, and my eyes were opened to her story and the need for awareness on the subject of maternal health.
      Funny you say this could be a song, because it pretty much is, just not sung. Sort of like Floetry’s The Floacist speaks over instrumentals. I literally wrote this to fit the changes and the feeling of the song. I felt the song had such a light airy feel that it could carry the weight of the topic. I’m so glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  2. This is such a beautiful poem…I’m blown away.
    The beginning was so full of joy, and the ending was heartbreaking…
    really lovely, especially the reoccurring line, ‘While my lady sleeps’
    Nice job

  3. I had to come back tonight–I was thinking of you and your performance tonight–hope all went well.

    Also, I am familiar with John Coltrane’s music but did not realize that he had been canonized and a church has been founded after his spirituality. I was surprised to hear this although I really don’t know anything about his life other than that he was an amazing musician and talent.


    • Thanks for the positive vibrations Gayle! The performance went fantastically well and I was so honored to be a part of such a wonderful event bringing awareness to a topic close to my heart.

      If you want to learn more about the Coltrane Church please check out their website (http://www.coltranechurch.org). I am a life long member, and student of Coltrane Consciousness. John Coltrane was an awesome musicians, but I believe that is because he asked God to give him “the means and privilege to make other happy through music” and he approached his music with a specific intention of upliftment.

      Thanks for always encouraging me with your comments.

      A Love Supreme,

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