An Energizing Journey

The journey up Mount Mystic is no small task. Starting off it felt like an exciting adventure, something fun to do. I had been trained and tested and had a small group of climbing partners. I just knew I was ready. But once that journey started I realized the massive tasks ahead of me.

Am I seriously climbing a mountain?

Did I bring enough supplies?

How long with this take?

What have I gotten myself into?

Climbing the mountain with that mind-frame is not very beneficial. I stumbled upon old habits while I climbed. I got caught up in the binds of old comforts, and I got tired. Tired of fighting the same old battles of oppression, fear, and greed that come with living life at sea level. As we continue to ascend I can see the summit more clearly. I  can see the beauty, peace and wellness that emanates from it, and I want it. It feels so much better than when I am looking down at the city full of misguided journeys, broken hearts and missed opportunities. The journey up Mount Mystic is amazing!

Moving together in The Divine is so lovely, it allows you to find your own path and still journey together. I find beautifully pure oasis of water while I make my trek. Refreshing waterfalls like Sonya Renee’s RUHCUS, Paut Neteru’s visions, and OMenta Blue’s vibrations. As I add this water to my source I can feel the rejuvenating energy, and I am ENERGIZED. I feel as if I can become my own water source and provide a spring for others. But only to those who are also journeying up the mount will experience its benefit. Just as I can only produce when on the journey. I intend on setting up camp at the summit, so forward on!

With this new energy I also have a new form of expression so if you care to further connect on this journey you can follow my YouTube Channel

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